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Village Green Premier League.

Sponsored by the Village Green Hotel, the Village Green Premier League is a competition for competitive men. Players are selected via a draft prior to each competition. Get in touch with us if you are interested in joining this competition.

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Brotherson's Ballers

Nathan Martin 
Luke Scott  

Simon Owens

Billy Owens

Stone Owens

Kayden Grainger

Declan Collie

Holton's Hoopers

Mitch Wicks

Lachlan Linsket

Sam Blanch

Kyle Brunker

Brendan Ebner

James Zimmerman

Jacob Vickers

Leonard's Legends

Connor Crapp

Selwyn King

Nick Weller

Sam Wicks

Bob Linsket 

Jayden Baker

Thompson's Terrors

Trent Dickson

Travis Unitt

Glenn Boorman

Dylan Beneke

Jack Wujcik

Enoka Patuaka

Mark Pollock

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